Agency Compliance

State and local agencies

The Safe at Home Program law (Utah Code Annotated § 77-38-601) requires state and local government agencies in Utah to accept a Safe at Home participant’s substitute address when presented with a current Safe at Home authorization card. (See: Utah Code Annotated § 77-38-611.) Please contact Safe at Home with questions about the program requirements and agency compliance.

Service of Process

Program Assistants meet with potential program participants, assist with completing the application, and make referrals. Program Assistants determine whether an applicant is eligible for program services and assess whether the program would be a good fit for a victim they are working with. They also assist applicants with completing the application and submit it to the Safe at Home Program once the application is complete. Victims are required to meet with a certified application assistant in order to enroll in the program. Applying directly to the Safe at Home Program without an outside program assistant is not possible.