How to Enroll

The Safe at Home Program has not yet launched.  It is anticipated the program will be available in early April 2024. 

When the program is available, a list of Program Assistants

will be found on this page.


Program Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the Safe at Home Program, a person must:

  • Be a victim of – or have been threatened with – abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, or human trafficking in fear that they would be in danger if the perpetrator knew where they lived
  • Have moved within the last 90 days, be moving within the next 90 days, or already live at an address that is not known to the person they fear
  • Live in Utah
  • Work with a Certified Safe at Home Program Assistant to apply for the program
  • Submit some type of documentation of victimization or threat
    • Documentation is not the same as legal evidence.  It may be a police report or order of protection, etc., but it could instead be a letter from a victim advocate, therapist, or clergy member, etc. that is aware of the violence or threat)

Applying for Safe at Home

In order to apply for the Safe at Home Program, a victim must meet with a Certified Safe at Home Program Assistant.  Safe at Home Program Assistants are victim advocates and others who work with victims and have gone through a certification training.  They will complete the application with the victim and submit it to Safe at Home on behalf of the victim.  Safe at Home cannot accept applications directly from an individual.  That individual must work with a Program Assistant.  A list of Program Assistants will be available on this webpage when the Safe at Home Program launches.