Program Assistants

What is a Program Assistant?

A Program Assistant is someone who provides counseling, referrals, or other direct services to victims of domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, or sexual assault as part of their job or volunteer work, and has completed the Safe at Home training and certification process. If you would like to request an in-person training for your organization or group, please contact

Register for an upcoming virtual training:

Thursday, April 4th, 11:00-11:45am

Wednesday, April 17th, 11:00-11:45am

More trainings will be added in the future.  Check here for details and to register.  If you have already completed your certification, you will receive information on accessing the password-protected online application and will receive paper applications in the mail as soon as the program is available.

What do Program Assistants do?

Program Assistants meet with potential program participants, determine if the program is a good fit for the victim they are working with, and assists them with completing the application. Program Assistants determine whether an applicant is eligible for program services and assess whether the program would be a good fit for a victim they are working with. They also assist applicants with completing the application and submit it to the Safe at Home Program once the application is complete. Victims are required to meet with a certified application assistant in order to enroll in the program. Applying directly to the Safe at Home Program without an outside program assistant is not possible.